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  1. General
  2. Coach Resources
  3. Error Messages
  4. Payment Issues


Q: Where do I go for Customer Support?

A: You have 2 options. One, you can email us at with any question or issue, and we’ll typically respond within 30 minutes. Two, you can contact SuperDraft Customer Support via Zoom, which we will have specific dates/times for you to call in and speak with a support representative.

Q: The “LET’S GO” link in my Back Office to enroll as a Coach has disappeared. Where do I find it?

A: Contact SuperDraft Support, and they will advise when the Link appears back in place in your Back Office.

Q: When does Coach pre-enrollment expire?

A: Pre-enrolled Coaches have until 12 Midnight PST July 31, 2021, to purchase their Annual $40 Coach Subscription.

Q: Does the username of my SuperDraft account need to be the same username as for my Back Office account?

A: No, they don’t have to be the same.

Q: How do I manage my subscription plan?

A: Subscribers can only manage their subscription plan by going to our website at Click “My Account” and then “Profile”. From there, click on “Manage Subscriptions”. 


Q: Where can I access the Coach Playbook?

A: Go HERE to access the Coach Playbook. Password is: Coach2021. Starting Wednesday, July 7th, you can find and access the Playbook in the Back Office.

Q: When will we get our Coach sites?

A: Our plan is to have the Coach sites available starting Wednesday, July 7th.

Q: When can we start enrolling new Coaches and Players?

A: Once the Coach sites are live, you can begin enrolling new Coaches and Players. Our plan is to have the Coach sites available starting Wednesday, July 7th. We will utilize the same staged release as the pre-enrolled coaches.


Q: I’m getting an error message saying “location services not enabled” when trying to purchase a subscription. What should I do?

A: For the time being, go ahead and purchase your subscription from your laptop or desktop via a web browser (Chrome, Safari).


Q: How many Coaches can be enrolled on the same credit card?

A: Only one credit card per account.

Q: Can I use a reloadable pre-paid card as a payment for my subscription?

A: Unfortunately not. Please issue a bank-issued credit or debit card.

Q: I’m getting a “Bad Request” when I’m checking out for my Coach and/or Player Subscription.

A: This error message occurs when someone enters their information incorrectly, such as a street address or credit card number. Please try again and make sure the information is entered correctly exactly as it appears on the bill/account. If trouble persists, please reach out to SuperDraft Support at


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