Hey Coaches! We know behind every great team is a great coach who prepares them. That’s why we put this guide together for you. Learn about the different ways to communicate to your current Street Team and potential prospects.

Before we get started, there are a few GOLDEN RULES you must follow.

  • Currently, the only way to receive credit for recruiting a player or coach is through your personal microsite link. DO NOT USE THE IN-APP REFER A FRIEND. We are working hard to make changes to expand the way you can refer players and coaches in the apps (and get credit).
  • Due to social media policies by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others, you cannot recruit coaches on social. You can only mention player subscriptions publicly. Offline, you can discuss the benefits of becoming a coach.
  • You can never share any compensation models in terms of the income a coach can generate from their matrix.
  • When referring to Daily Fantasy, avoid using terms like “sports betting”, “chance”, and “odds”. Legally these are games of skill, not games of chance.
  • Free to play contests in the subscription plans are available in all 50 US states for people 18 years and older. Remember, that entering into paid contests outside the SuperSports Global contests are available in only 36 states. See SuperDraft’s Terms of Service for full user eligibility restrictions in those contests.
  • SuperDraft is a proud partner of Caesars Rewards. Currently, the Caesars tie-in revolves around Caesars Reward Credits giveaways, special events, and other exclusive prizes. We’ll provide Caesars-approved banner ads and copy that you can use to reference the Caesars Rewards partnership.

With the serious stuff out of the way, let’s get down to the fun!

Sports are a huge social event, so knowing how to talk about SuperDraft and share games publicly is essential to becoming a successful coach. We put this page together for you to reference at any time as an easy resource that can help make this a win-win for all involved!

Brand and Tone Overview

Our mantra is easy, it’s Family, Friends, and Fun. Sports connect people through a common social experience, and we want to build on that connection. This is your chance to join a community and culture of positive forward-thinking people who are all looking to have fun and enjoy their lives through sports. When sharing the opportunity with others, it’s important to be enthusiastic about the product. You are probably already passionate about sports, so why not jump at the potential to make money as well? This is your chance to be involved in sports and grow your business.

Also, while sports are at the heart of our business, playing games for a cause is at the heart of our mission and purpose. Part of all the proceeds will go towards supporting charities and organizations in the mental health space. We’ll be supporting charities that focus on mental health and well-being in sports on and off the field. It’s time to reduce the stigma on mental health and expand access to mental health care.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be enthusiastic! It’s your business and people won’t be excited about it if you’re not! Lead your team by example.
  • Share the opportunity, don’t sell it! People understand when you are trying to sell them something, share it with them instead.
  • Keep it simple! Get people to play games, and then play games with them, that’s all there is to it.


  • Don’t chase people! If you have to chase them, they probably don’t want to be a part of it. It is better to move on to the next person.
  • Don’t take advice from someone who has never done this before or doesn’t believe in it.
  • Don’t try to give someone a sales pitch to close them. This is about sharing the opportunity. Start by playing games with them and then share with them the opportunity to make money by playing games.
  • Don’t veer off track when prospecting new people, stick to keeping it simple and playing games with them. Some people might have success by doing it a different way, but the easiest/less frustrating way is to just keep it simple.

Here are a few items in your toolkit you can get directly from the app:

  • Screenshots of your lineup and your matchup – just take them in the mobile app and crop as necessary. You can screenshot your nightly picks, your matchup as it unfolds, the final results, whatever you think will be interesting for your friends or followers.
  • Screenshots of SuperSports-specific contests – you can take this on the homepage of the mobile app to show off the benefits of being a subscribed player.
  • Private contests for your friends/followers– in “Create a Contest”, you can create multiplayer contests for specific matchups. Set them to public, determine if you want an entry fee, and create the contest. 
  • Private links for them to join your contest – when you see the option to “Invite Opponent”, simply select “copy” and you’ll have an easy link you can give to your followers to compete against you.

To make things easy, here’s a few examples of what you could post on socials for any contests you enter. Below that, we have a few extra guidelines that can help you along, but at the end of the day, we want you to be yourself!

General Guidelines

Fantasy sports are all about rivalries and social interaction. Whether you’re playing a friend head to head or in a contest with your fellow fanbase against your biggest rivals, emphasizing the competition, prizes, and even talking a little trash is all part of the game! At the end of the day, sports are more fun when you have a little skin in the game.

Social Graphics

SuperDraft will provide you weekly graphics that you can use to encourage friends and family to join the fun. Whether it’s big sporting events, special contests, or exclusive prizes, we’ll help you keep things fresh and interesting. Check your promotional tools often for images and videos that can help you recruit more players.

App Screenshots

The most engaging and real content you can post relates to the contests you’re playing, the lineups you’re picking, and the money and prizes you’re winning! Be sure to show off your sports IQ, enjoyment, and winnings to create FOMO for anybody who’s not in the game.

Driving Urgency

Whether it’s exclusive contests tied to big sporting events, limited entry pools, or other can’t-miss promotions, driving urgency is the best way to get your players in on the action. Using expirations, terms like “limited”, and other tactics will help you get players signed up faster.

Example Posts

Mid-game H2H against another player

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_2493-473x1024.png

Post-game H2H results with final score

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_2495-473x1024.png

Create a multiplayer contest (up to 20 people) for people to play you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_2496-473x1024.png

Extra guidelines if you need them:

What to post?

Show off screenshots of your draft lineup, live scores, call out specific players you think have a good matchup that night. In the end, this should fit into how you already communicate and interact with your social followers and friends. Don’t worry about trying to be the next big sports analyst, remember, this is all about having fun and being yourself! You can be just as successful in referring people to the platform regardless of your sports knowledge level, so long as it’s a fun, engaging way to augment the fan experience. We want to encourage any and all trash talk between friends, followers, family, you name it.

Who to mention?

Please tag us on Instagram or Twitter. Our handle is @superdraftdfs on both platforms. Also, call out your opponent(s) if you know their social handles!

Any Hashtags?

Yep, feel free to tag SuperDraft and SSG by using the hashtag #SuperDraftDFS and #SuperSportsGlobal

Social Shareables/Graphics for My Contests?

We are more than happy if you just use screenshots directly from the app! This isn’t supposed to be a big sales pitch, it’s all about sharing the opportunity. We want you to communicate to your followers and friends as you normally would. However, if you choose to become a Coach we will provide you with weekly social ad graphics and other resources from SuperDraft’s design team.

Anything else?

We can’t stress this enough, but remember to have fun!


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