BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - JANUARY 06: Quarterback Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens in action against the Los Angeles Chargers during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium on January 06, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

It took four weeks for the Covid-19 pandemic to impact the schedule of the NFL season. With multiple players on the Tennessee Titans testing positive for the virus, their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers has been postponed to a later date. This narrows down your choices a bit for DFS as the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, James Connor, Juju Smith Schuster, Derrick Henry, and Ryan Tannehill will not be a part of this week’s main slate. However, we still have a pretty deep group of players to choose from to build your lineups. 

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Lamar Jackson 1.1X

Jackson had a great Week 1 performance against the Browns where he put up 330 total yards and three touchdowns with 27.5 fantasy points. However, he has fallen off the last two weeks with 17.56 points against the Texans and 14.18 fantasy points in their loss to the Chiefs on Monday night. With Jackson’s multiplier down to 1.1X, this is exactly where you would want to snag him.

After coming off that rough performance against the Chiefs, you better believe Jackson will be very motivated to get back on track this week. There are not many other teams that would allow Jackson to have a bigger fantasy day than the Washington Football Team. Washington is 18th in fantasy points allowed to opposing quarterbacks and even better for Jackson, 26th in fantasy points allowed to opposing tight ends. As everyone knows, Mark Andrews is Jackson’s favorite target and I would expect that connection will be made early and often in this game. Jackson will present fantastic value this week at 1.1X.

Other players I like at the position: Ryan Fitzpatrick (1.65X), Matthew Stafford(1.5X)

Running Back

Dalvin Cook 1.2X

The Minnesota Vikings have gotten off to a rough start this season at 0-3. They still have a lot of talent on their team but if they lose this game against the Texans they might as well kiss their playoff chances goodbye. With this game being a must-win for the Vikings, who do you think they will turn to? The answer is stud running back Dalvin Cook. Cook has been great so far this season as he has 294 yards rushing and four touchdowns in the first three games. He had his biggest game of the season last week running for 181 yards and one touchdown. Kirk Cousins has had a rough start to the season as he has already thrown six interceptions in three games.

There is no doubt that the Vikings will be leaning heavily on Cook to win this game for them with how mistake-prone Cousins has been. On top of the guaranteed high volume of carries, is the fact that he gets to face a Houston Texans run defense that has gotten slaughtered in the first three weeks. The Texans have allowed 502 yards rushing which is dead last in the NFL. They are also ranked 26th in fantasy points allowed to opposing running backs. This has all the makings for a huge Dalvin Cook game and I love that you get the 1.2X multiplier value with that.  

Other players I like at the position: Alvin Kamara (1.15X), Devin Singletary (1.6X)

Wide Receiver 

Devante Parker 1.25X

After a breakout season last year, Devante Parker has gotten off to a bit of a slow start in 2020. He scored 6.7 fantasy points in Week 1, 13.8 FP in Week 2, and 9.4 FP last week. Parker is too good of a receiver to be held down for this long and this week feels like the week he will have a big fantasy day. While the 2020 Seattle Seahawks are a Super Bowl contending team, they are to opposing wide receivers as what the 2019 Arizona Cardinals were to tight ends. The Cardinals were destroyed by tight ends last season and Seattle is getting destroyed by wide receivers in 2020.

Seattle has given up an unbelievable 1,136 yards to wide receivers in the first three games. They are on pace to give up 6,058 yards receiving just to wide receivers alone! It seems impossible to be that bad at defending receivers. The next closest team that has only played three games is the Atlanta Falcons who have given up 736 yards to receivers. The Kansas City Chiefs have given up the least amount of passing yards to wide receivers with 315. The difference between the Falcons and Chiefs in yards allowed to receivers is smaller than the difference between the Seahawks and Falcons. I would be shocked if Parker does not have at least 100 yards receiving in this game.

Other players I like at the position: Tyler Boyd (1.4X), Amari Cooper (1.15X)

Tight End 

Dalton Schultz 2X

You were probably not expecting to see the name Dalton Schultz as a guy who should be a lock for your SuperDraft lineup but it is 2020 so is it really that shocking? After Blake Jarwin tore his ACL in Week 1, Schultz has had to step in as the Cowboys starting tight end and he has done a really nice job so far. In Week 2 against Atlanta, he had nine catches for 88 yards, 1 touchdown, and 17.3 fantasy points. He had less of an impact last week against Seattle going for four catches, 48 yards, and 6.8 fantasy points but at his multiplier, that is solid. Schultz’s 2X multiplier gives him so much juice that he doesn’t even have to have a big game to provide good value.

However, given the opponent this week, it is definitely not out of the realm of possibility that he has a game similar to what he had against the Falcons. He will be going up against a Browns defense that is ranked 29th in fantasy points allowed to opposing tight ends. With the way Dak Prescott has been throwing the ball around this year, he is destined to have a bunch of targets coming his way in this game. There are not many times you will get a tight end like this at 2X. Be sure to take advantage! 

Other players I like at the position: TJ Hockenson(1.65X) Mark Andrews (1.1X)

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