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Every week during the NBA season, I’ll bring you my NBA SuperDraft breakdown. Once a week, I will be breaking down and analyzing that night’s slate of NBA games and returning the next day to recap the results.

With the unique twist of the projection “multiplier,” rather than the standard salary cap, adding an extra layer to the lineup building process, it’s important to measure a player’s upside in comparison to their multiplier.

Basketball is typically the easiest sport to project due to the lower amount of variance compared to other DFS sports we play and analyze. With that being the case, finding the best value, or highest projected scores after the multiplier should be priority one. However, we also want to be sure to avoid building negatively correlated lineups. For example, if two players will eat into each other’s productions/opportunities they will often have a negative correlation.

As always, be sure to monitor injury issues. It’s worth confirming that each player listed in the article is playing before rostering them in your SuperDraft lineups.

The Plays

Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves (1.1x score multiplier)

Towns is in a great matchup here, which is also the same one he had last night and he was a bit of a disappointment, but he lost out on some minutes due to a blowout. The Kings are bottom 10 in DEF and top 10 in pace, which is a dream scenario for opposing teams.

DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls (1.15x)

Like Towns, DeRozan also has a great matchup. Charlotte is first in pace and bottom five in DEF this season. We could potentially hope for a better multiplier on him here, but overall the matchup is just too good here, and he has the second-highest projection for me.

LaMelo Ball, Charlotte Hornets (1.1x)

We can correlate the interest in DeRozan with Ball, who is in a tough matchup but should see some increased usage and opportunity with Gordon Hayward and some other Hornet guards out.

Here are some of the players with the best SuperDraft projections for me currently:

I have been finding some success recently at really keying in on guys with the great multipliers, it is super easy to get in several superstars because of the no-salary structure. But with all of these players being ruled out, three are constantly guys stepping into better roles than expected, and their multiplier remains higher because of the news that is coming in after the multipliers were set.  

This article expresses the personal views of the writer and does not reflect the view(s) of SuperDraft in any way.

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