Lowther dominated the rangers. Check out his analysis in the FTN MLB Wrapup 9/24 article inside.
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The small MLB DFS slate Thursday night is over, and it’s time to look at how it played out. There was one pitcher who had a dominating performance. Let’s start with the players I had my eye on most.


Lance McCullers Jr. was solid, pitching six innings and striking out five, but he struggled with control, allowing four walks and eventually three earned runs. His 1.4x multiplier helped him total a solid 18.2 points. I knew Steven Matz had some risk, and it showed Thursday night with his inability to keep the Twins off the basepaths, giving up seven hits and two walks in just three innings. Thankfully he only allowed two earned runs and notched six strikeouts in the short time frame. His 1.75x multiplier brought him up to 17.5 points.


Unfortunately, none of the hitters I had my eye on did much. Nick Castellanos lined out hard in his first at-bat then struck out three straight times. Kyle Farmer at least got on base with a walk but sadly was unable to do anything else totaling just 3.7 points. Alex Bregman was the only one of the three to record a hit, but it was just a single for 2.5 points.

Slate overview

Luis Castillo ended up pitching well striking out six batters in six innings but without a multiplier, he totaled just 16 points. Aaron Nola surprisingly got beat up by the Pirates for six earned runs. His eight strikeouts helped salvage his day, but again with just a 1.05x multiplier his 17.33 points were less than both McCullers and Matz. Zach Lowther dominated the Rangers, striking out seven in five scoreless innings, allowing just five base runners. With his 2x multiplier he scored a whopping 51 points. Ultimately I’ll take those performances from my pitchers.

The Reds absolutely disappointed, scoring just two runs. They can’t get out of their funk offensively and it could very well cost them a postseason appearance. This was the first time Patrick Corbin has not allowed an earned run since April 20. I liked the Rangers but also knew they have one of the worst offenses in baseball and that’s the team that showed up, getting shutout by the Orioles. The shutout really says alot as the Orioles have allowed 858 earned runs this season, the most in baseball (the Diamondbacks are the next closest at 771). That’s just baseball sometimes and I’m confident next Thursday will be better.

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