SuperDraft has launched a new Free-To-Play Sportsbook! This is a great way for you to have some skin in the game and win Store Credit to get MASSIVE prizes. Aside from just winning bets and transferring your SuperCoin to Store Credit, the best path to these awesome prizes are our leaderboards. 

Our Leaderboards – Explained

We have three leaderboards – the daily leaderboard, weekly leaderboard and monthly leaderboard. On the main page of the app, you will see each leaderboard tab in a blue box that shows the number of points you have accrued, the time left, the ranking and the amount of SuperCoin you are currently winning on each leaderboard:

So how exactly does the leaderboard scoring work?

This is why we are here to help! Let’s start out with a screenshot of our scoring system. You will find this by tapping on one of the leaderboards and then tapping on the ‘i’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen:

For every bet you hit, you will receive a certain amount of points depending on the odds. The screenshot above shows the odds ranges and how many points you get for hitting a bet that lands in that range. For example, if you bet the Lakers to beat the Celtics and the odds are -200, you will receive 100 points for hitting that bet. You can see the rest of the points earned for each odds range by scrolling down while on this page.

Also, for every bet you lose, you will lose 250 points. If you start at zero and lose a bet, your balance will go to -250. You can also see in the screenshot, at the beginning of each leaderboard timeframe, you will start with 10,000 points.

The objective here is to obtain the most amount of points possible before the daily, weekly or monthly time frame ends. Each leaderboard has prize payout positions for the end of each period. Let’s start off with the daily leaderboard:

The daily leaderboard runs from 12am to 12am each day. This is the payout structure: 

1st place: 25,000 store credit 
2nd place: 15,000 store credit 
3rd place: 10,000 store credit 
4th-10th place: 5,000 store credit 
11th-15th place: 2,000 store credit
16th-20th place: 1,000 store credit

This is the weekly leaderboard:

This runs from Tuesday to Tuesday. The reason for this is we would like to include Monday Night Football bets in the weekly period. This is the payout structure: 

1st place: 150,000 store credit 
2nd place: 100,000 store credit 
3rd place: 50,000 store credit 
4th place: 40,000 store credit 
5th place: 35,000 store credit
6th-10th place: 30,000 store credit 
11th-15th place: 25,000 store credit
16th-20th place: 20,000 store credit
21st-25th place: 15,000 store credit 
26th-35th place: 10,000 store credit
36th-50th place: 5,000 store credit 

Finally, we have the monthly leaderboard:

This leaderboard runs solely based on the month. This is the payout structure: 

1st place: 300,000 store credit 
2nd place: 150,000 store credit 
3rd place: 100,000 store credit 
4th place: 60,000 store credit 
5th place: 40,000 store credit
6th-10th place: 30,000 store credit 
11th-30th place: 20,000 store credit
31st-50th place: 15,000 store credit
51st-100th place: 10,000 store credit 

With the amount of store credit we are giving away on these leaderboards, there is no better path to winning HUGE prizes. To learn more about the awesome prizes you can purchase with the store credit, click HERE.

As always if you have any questions on this, please use the link below. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available and it works. Call 1-800-GAMBLER or 1-800-848-1880 


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