Drafters and SuperDraft have teamed up

You read that right. SuperDraft x Drafters is a real thing. Recently, we have developed a partnership with Drafters, an everyday fantasy platform featuring Best Ball and snake drafts. We recognize how incredible their platform is and want to share the fun with everyone! They provide daily fantasy in a different format than our team at SuperDraft and we think it is another great option for our users to enjoy.

What is Drafters? 

Drafters and SuperDraft are both daily fantasy sites. The difference is, on SuperDraft, you select your lineup from a lobby, no questions asked, and you can “own” the same players as the individuals you are competing against. Drafters differs in that they offer a daily snake draft similar to how you and your friends would do your season-long fantasy teams. A snake drafter means player A drafts, then player B, and so on all the way down to player Z, who then drafts twice and the order reverses. Because of this, you need an entirely different draft strategy compared to what works on SuperDraft. 

What game modes does Drafters offer? 

Drafters provides 9 different types of fantasy gaming options for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA. Those 9 include: 

Daily Drafts& Week-long Drafts

Week-long drafts and daily drafts are identical in their format and scoring however, week-long drafts obviously span a longer period of time and have a slower cash turnover

GPP Big Field Tournaments

GPP Big Field Tournaments offer the ability to win huge prize amounts using a single team, and a single draft. The schedule can last a single day or span multiple days (depending on the contest

Multi-Draft Survivor Tournaments

Multi-Draft Survivor contests allow you to take on a big field, similar to GPP. The difference here is that these contests span multiple rounds, and you’re only going up against your current draft group. 

Season-long Best Ball

There are no lineups to set, swaps to be made, or trades to offer. Your lineup is made up of the best scores at each position for the week. There are no starting or benching decisions to be made. Each week, points are added to your season long total.


This format allows you to draft a team for the entirety of the playoffs for a specific sport. No swaps are allowed once the playoffs begin. The team you start with is the team you have the entire playoffs. If a player on your team falls out of playoffs, they will no longer accrue points. 

Private Contests

Experiment with the formats and scoring, with 100% player control. Quickly create games to play with friends using the three-position and scoring sets, or create a completely custom roster and scoring yourself!

Rank’em Contests

Similar to our platform on SuperDraft, Rank’em is a pick’em-style game mode where higher ranked players on your team have a higher multiplier applied to their FPTS total.

PGA Classic Tiers

This is your office pool format. Select your players and cheer them on as the tournament progresses. 

Getting Started on Drafters

Getting started on Drafters is as easy as 1,2,3! Simply put in your Drafters’ ID (think gamertag, ig name, etc), your full name, email, and password. After creating an account you will be taken to a deposit page with various deposit bonuses depending on how much you initially put in. After this, Drafters becomes like a social network. You can add friends, refer friends, send friend requests to players you particularly enjoy, and even send messages to different players.


Drafters provides plenty of user-friendly features that fantasy players look for. For example, when referring a friend, send them your link and you will receive a free $10 in your account after their first deposit. Standard. They also offer an auto-swap feature which you can toggle on and off in your settings. Auto-swap means that you will never be stuck with an inactive player again. If one of the players in your lineup is a last-minute scratch, they will be automatically swapped with a player who will be accruing points. With competitions ranging in entry fees from $0 to over $1000, your opportunities to win big money are there right next to the fun.

Our SuperDraft team is excited about this partnership and you should be too! With football season right around the corner, there’s not a better time to start winning big money playing daily fantasy sports! Whether you want to play daily fantasy, season-long best ball, or survivor tournaments, there’s something for everyone. And remember, refer your friends for instant bonuses and instant fun.


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