How to Play Fantasy Football

Football is the most popular sport when it comes to Fantasy Sports and we’re happy to have it on SuperDraft! If you’ve never played Fantasy Football, or want to know more, we’re here to help.

What is Fantasy Football?

To understand how to play Daily Fantasy Football, you first need to understand the concept behind it. Fantasy sports take the real-life performance of athletes and turn that production into points which you will earn if you have that player on your roster.

Initially, fantasy sports were a season-long ordeal where you drafted your team before the season begins, usually in a league comprised of friends or family. Not only is this a huge time commitment, but if you draft a bad team or one of your main players gets hurt, it could ruin your entire season.

Daily fantasy football

It takes the same concept but allows you to enter contests that end following a set number of games which we refer to as the slate. In football, slates can vary from an individual game such as Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or Thursday Night Football, or contain all of the games within a given week of the schedule. Once the slate is over, the person whose players have combined for the most fantasy points will win the contest.

How to Draft in Daily Fantasy Football

Normally on other platforms, they provide each player with a salary, and you need to stay under a certain salary amount in order to have a valid lineup. The better players will have the higher salary amount and so on.

This is different on SuperDraft due to our exclusive Multiplier game mode. We have eliminated the salary for players and instead give each player a unique multiplier value. This value is determined on previous performances so like in salary mode, the better players will receive a lower multiplier value in order to help balance the field.

In our main multiplier mode, you will need to draft 8 players on your lineup. 

This includes:

  • 1 quarterback
  • 2 running Backs
  • 3 wide receivers
  • 1 tight end
  • and a flex position.

The flex position can be either a running back, wide receiver, tight end, or kicker.

Our Champion Mode slates (single game contests) operate a little differently and allow you to choose one player as your Champion that would give them a 50% boost on their multiplier. For example, if you choose Patrick Mahomes as your Champion and he has a regular Multiplier of 1X, he will instead get a 1.5X as your Champion. This allows for even great lineup flexibility and for you to give a boost to a player who you think will outperform their expectations.

One great feature of our multiplier mode is you can choose any of the players you want for your lineup. If you wanted to choose the best player at each position, you can! This is not an option you have if you were to be playing on a website that uses the salary function for picking your team.

How Does Scoring Work?

Scoring points in Daily Fantasy Football depends on the real-life performance of players in your lineup.

Every yard they run with the ball counts for .1 fantasy points, so 10 yards = 1 fantasy point. To further explain how scoring works, see the table below for all of the different ways you can accrue points in fantasy football.

Type of Offensive PlayFantasy Points
RuYdsRushing Yards Made1.1 pts
RuTdRushing Touchdowns6 pts
PaYdsPassing Yards0.04 pts
PaTDPassing Touchdowns4 pts
IntInterceptions-1 pts
RecYdsReceiving Yards0.1 pts
RecTdReceiving Touchdowns6 pts
RecReceptions0.5 pts
KickOffTdKickoff Return Touchdowns6 pts
PuntRetTdPunt Return Touchdowns0.5 pts
FmblFumbles Lost-2 pts
FumbleTdOwn Fumbles Recovered Touchdowns6 pts
TwoPointConvTwo-point Conversions2 pts
TwoPointPassTwo-point Conversions Passes2 pts
ExtraPointConvExtra-point Conversions1 pt
100YdRush+100 Yard Rush Bonus2 pts
100YdRec+100 Yard Receiving Bonus2 pts
300YdPass+300 Yard Passing Bonus2 pts
KickingFantasy Points
PATExtra-point Conversions1 pt
0-39yd0-39 Yard Field Goal Made3 pts
40-49yd40-49 Yard Field Goal Made4 pts
50Yd+50+ Yard Field Goal Made5 pts

How do I Enter to Fantasy Football games on SuperDraft?

This one is easy, all you need to do is navigate to our main sports lobby on the app or webpage and select Football. Please note, if the Football symbol is greyed out, it means we currently do not have any contests available at this time.

If we do have contests available, you’ll be able to scroll through the lobby and determine which contest you want to enter based on prizing, entry fee, and the slate.

Fantasy Football leagues on Superdraft

SuperDraft is proud to offer Fantasy contests throughout the NFL season. This includes the NFL pre-season, the entire regular season, and play-offs including the biggest game of them all, the Super Bowl.

SuperDraft will also have select College Football games available starting the 2021 College Football Season.

Learning how to play is one thing, learning how to win fantasy football is another.

Good luck and start playing Fantasy Football on SuperDraft throughout the NFL season.


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